Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bernie Berlin Technique #4 swap

The above is the STRING technique and i wanted to be a little different, a little original and this is what i came up with. i cut the centre out of the act leave a 1cm edge. painted the string with white paint. once dry i stapled it to the edge, added the beads then stapled to the other edge and trimmed. glued the chinese writing paper over the top and inked edges and then added the chinese coin.

Next is the NEV'R DULL technique. i didn't have any, so improvised and used orange polish. i used a black coloured magazine page, used the diamond glaze bottle like a pen and drew the chinese character 'Love'. Once dry i removed the black magazine ink using the polish, then used water colour pencils to colour the background, they came out a little dull, so out came the glimmer mist (love that stuff). Used Making Memories gold glaze to mush the edges, added the image and voila!

Last but not least is the PHONEBOOK PAPER technique. i layered pieces of phonebook paper (my book is now missing the M's) over my cardstock, cut to atc size. punched a paper circle and placed in middle of atc, glimmer misted all over, removed circle, inked in gold and then embossed circle. it's then just a case of adding all the pretties. i did use a small piece of mesh to ink some little diamonds on the background.


Lady Di said...

Your ATC Workshop swap cards are amazing ... that abacus is out of this world and the others are just as awesome. You so talented, well done ... oh and I'm so glad I got one of each - whoo hooo!

Bernie Berlin said...

Your ATCs are FAbulous!!! Great job:)