Saturday, September 12, 2009

my words!

My wonderful friend Diana and I have been discussing journalling and I lamented that "I have no words!!!" Her reply, "Say that!"

In the meantime, until I can find my own, I'll post this little gem I found on Renee Winnipeg's blog:

Where was I? Why no where, I just kept moving my legs.
What did I see? Why nothing, I never once lifted my eyes.
Who was I with? Why no one, I have an inner circle of only one.
When did I go there? Why I can’t even remember,
I can’t tell the difference between day and night.
Why can’t I describe anything?
Why because I was so busy looking at my list of things to do
that I failed to notice any life around me at all.
I believe being involved in art, even though I'm only on the fringes, has made me lift my eyes.

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